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20 Holiday Traditions You Can Start Today

December 02, 2019

Hi, I’m Senait and I am a therapist turned stay-at-home mother with my three daughters, ages 8 months, 3 years, and 6 years old. To say things are busy in our home is an understatement, so it’s easy to get caught up in our day-to-day activities, especially during the holidays. That’s why this year, we are continuing old traditions and intentionally starting a few new ones.

Last year on New Year's Eve, our whole family had an impromptu dance party in the living room. We turned off most of the lights, played our favorite songs and just danced. My husband danced with the girls then he and I danced together as the girls recorded us on my phone. It was way more fun than I expected and the girls talked about it for weeks. A few weeks ago my 6 year old reminded me of our dance party and asked if we could have another one this New Year's Eve. And with that simple question, I decided that the New Year's Eve Dance Party is officially a holiday tradition.


  1. Advent calendar. Advent calendars come in different shape and sizes. There are chocolate advent calendars or ones you can add small treats to. If you’re crafty, you can also make one. An advent calendar is a fun way to count down to Christmas, especially for younger kids who are still trying to understand the concept of time.
  2. Handmade gifts for Grandparents. Or for aunts, uncles or anyone that would appreciate handmade gifts from your kids. Handmade gifts are thoughtful and fun activities for your kids to do. Your kids can paint a canvas, make bracelets or simply make a Christmas card.
  3. Watch the same Christmas movie every year. We love watching our childhood favorite Christmas movies with our kids like Home Alone and Jingle All the Way.
  4. Drive around the neighborhood looking at houses with Christmas lights. Depending on the weather, you can also walk in your neighbourhood.
  5. New Year's Dance Party. Have a playlist ready, some flashlights and you’re ready to go!
  6. Read a Christmas book. Every year around the holidays we bring out a few Christmas books and read them at bedtime.
  7. Build a gingerbread house. I don’t know about you, but building a gingerbread house is hard! So this year we’re going to buy the pre-built houses and just decorate them or decorate cookies.
  8. Visit Santa. You can take a picture with Santa, or just swing by and say hello!
  9. Build a Snowman or Snowqueen. That’s if you are fortunate enough to have snow of course!
  10. Cut out paper snowflakes. I love this craft because it’s easy and turns out looking so good!
  11. Visit a tree farm. You can go to a tree farm to cut a tree down and take it home or just for fun. They’re also a great place to take beautiful family pictures and I’m always down for a good photo op.
  12. A random act of kindness. Or two, or three. You can donate food to a food bank, bake cookies for your neighbors or visit a senior home. Anything works because you can never have too much kindness.
  13. Make a Christmas tree ornament. This suggestion really depends on your craft level. My craft level is very low so we make paper ornaments.
  14. Christmas Hot chocolate. Take your ordinary hot chocolate, and take in up a few notches. Add some sprinkles, whip cream or a candy cane!
  15. Photograph Holiday cards. We dress up and take Christmas pictures every year then send them out to our friends and family. It’s our way of sending some love to those we love!
  16. Creating and sending video greeting cards. If you’d like to do something less traditional, send out video greeting cards! They can be fun to put together, especially if you let your kids take the creative lead.
  17. Family Slumber Party. Choose a room and have the entire family sleep there. The kids will love it, but you may not get much sleep #momlife
  18. Record the family opening up gifts. Set up your camera on a tripod or propped up and have it record your family opening gifts. Don’t worry about it being perfect. Then watch the video next year on Christmas Eve!
  19. Buy Christmas Pajamas for the entire family. This is a fun tradition, especially if the entire family has matching pajamas and make sure everyone wears them on Christmas morning!
  20. Game night in Christmas Pajamas. Game night in pajamas? Yes please! We like to play simple games that the entire family can enjoy like Jenga, Trouble or Hungry Hungry Hippo!




I hope you enjoyed this list of suggestions! My rule of thumb is simplicity over everything. Do what works for you and your family and focus on enjoying the moments. Happy Holidays!

If you would like to know more about me and my personal blog, check me out at senaitblogs.com

Blog By: Senait Litchmore | @senait


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