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Designing Your Kids’ Dream Room

Designing Your Kids’ Dream Room

Posted by Jenny Nguyen on Mar 25th 2024

Welcome to another blog! Today, I'll be giving you a little tour of my kids' rooms. My son's room is a calming monochromatic galaxy. I've transformed it into a dreamy and magical space surrounded by stars. In contrast, my daughter's room radiates warmth with inviting tones of pink and yellow. Her theme is a mix of boho and cottage, featuring whimsical and girly details like flowers, mushrooms and bows.


I’ll be sharing with you some insights that have guided me in curating the designs for my kids’ rooms. One tip I swear by is investing in items that withstand the test of time. While a playful bed frame might seem fun initially, opting for timeless furniture pieces ensures longevity. For example, my son’s versatile wooden bed frame is adaptable to future room transformations. We went with a full-size bed to avoid having to size up in the future. As for the canopy above my daughter’s crib, it will be turned into a cozy reading nook once it’s time to say goodbye to her crib.


Of course, children's interests can change frequently, so I advocate for solid sheets and comforters. Incorporating themed pillowcases and throw blankets adds personality to their space without breaking the bank.


I also enjoy integrating toys, clothing and accessories as decor. It’s a great way to fill empty spaces with items you already own. In my daughter’s room, I like to switch out her display dresses and purses depending on the season. My son keeps his nesting stars and rocket toy on his nightstand. Once Upon A Child has been a great place to find these accent pieces at a reasonable price.


This is how I've created havens of imagination and comfort where memories are made and dreams take flight.

Blog By: Jenny Nguyen | @jenny8carrots