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Fall Footwear Finds

Fall Footwear Finds

Posted by Javessa Stanton on Sep 15th 2023

Hey, everyone! Can you believe there are only a few more weeks until it's officially fall? You know what that calls for — cooler weather and fun fall activities. A few of my favorites are apple picking, pumpkin carving, apple pies, wagon rides and more. With all that being said, the kiddos were in desperate need of some new shoes that they could wear at school and that would last all through fall and winter. So, what better place to go look at than your local Once Upon A Child?

Javessa Sep 3.jpg

If your kiddos are like mine, and their shoe size always seems to change, then listen closely. I really needed to collect all my kiddos' old shoes from previous seasons that no longer fit and switch them for some like-new ones. Once Upon A Child always has an amazing selection of shoes and a pair for each season — sandals, boots, sneakers, you name it. Their shoes are always handled with care and in great condition. Plus, they always have a huge variety, which makes your visit a complete breeze.

Javessa Sep 1.jpg

In today's mission, I wanted some new cozy winter boots for Rowan that he could use throughout these upcoming seasons. I found these super cute, cozy winter boots that were in excellent condition from Once Upon A Child. When it comes to shoes for your children, you can't really cheap out because they probably won't end up lasting. But thanks to Once Upon A Child for carrying shoes that are in top-notch condition — it's always worth your buck. Today's purchase came up to a total of just $15, and I was so, so happy. Usually, these would range from around $30 to $40 in a regular retail store.

Javessa Sep 2.jpg

So, if you have piles of outgrown clothes, shoes or boots from your children, don't forget to put them in a bin and sell them to your local Once Upon A Child. Not only do you get paid on the spot for the items they accept, but you'll find great kids' stuff for less — it's a win-win, I'd say!

Blog By: Javessa Stanton | @javessastanton