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Kids Shopping Made Easy

Kids Shopping Made Easy

Posted by Jenny Nguyen on Nov 22nd 2023

Hi there! It's Jenny back with another blog! Today I will be talking about my shopping experiences at Once Upon A Child and what to expect if you’ve never been.

Every time I walk into the store, I’m greeted by a plethora of treasures. You can expect to see everything from strollers, bassinets, dollhouses, ride-on cars, playroom furniture, clothing, shoes and so much more. Clothing in the store is organized by gender, size and category. I love how the setup makes it so efficient to shop for what you need.

During my most recent shopping trip, I had just two things on my list: a red dress or skirt for Jesslyn and a pair of sneakers for Myles. Jesslyn needed something to go under her plaid cardigan for Christmas. I was really hoping to find something here because I know she’s only going to wear it once, maybe twice. To no surprise, they had an entire Christmas section with all the holiday pajamas you can imagine. I came across the most perfect red taffeta dress for just $8.50. It fits my daughter perfectly, but she won’t be able to wear it in a few months if she keeps growing, she just needs to wear it for one night so that’s okay.

I also found these classic Chucks in Myles’ size. I was hoping to find a pair of black sneakers, but Myles is already wearing these white shoes everywhere, so I’m glad I snagged these. Can you believe these were only $6.50? The cashier even complimented me on my awesome find.


I’m so glad I decided to spend some time going through all the racks. There were so many cute finds but there was one thing I just couldn’t put back. I had been eyeing this knit set at a big box store last year but it was a little pricey. It had sold out and was discontinued, leaving me with regrets. Now it’s in my hands in the perfect size for Jesslyn to wear come February, all for $8.50!


I was so pleased with this shopping trip, I’m already planning my next one! I’ve also prepared a bag of things to sell, so I’ll be able to earn cash for my kids’ gently used items while I shop. If you have read this far, this is your sign to stop by your local Once Upon A Child store soon!

Blog By: Jenny Nguyen | @jenny8carrots