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Making Matching Memories

Making Matching Memories

Posted by Jenny Nguyen on Feb 29th 2024

Today’s topic is something I am very passionate about – matching family outfits! I quite literally find every excuse to plan matching outfits. Sometimes I have my family of four coordinate outfits for church or just hanging out on the weekends. Allow me to share some insights on creating seamlessly coordinated outfits.

Image 1.JPG

First, plan a holiday or event that you will be matching for. Our family finds every excuse to match including all major holidays, birthdays and photoshoots.

Second, take inventory of your closets to identify pieces you already own. You might be surprised to find clothing items with similar colors or patterns. My kids did not have any special occasion outfits, but my son has black pants and my daughter has black flats. They both had pink items that went well together for Valentine’s Day. I’ve had this hot pink dress hanging in my closet for years and finally found a reason to wear it!


Third, pick a theme. This will be dependent on what you’ve gathered from your existing pieces and what the occasion is. Based on my dress, the theme will be pink but I will be flexible on the shade of pink.

Fourth, check out Once Upon A Child. Especially with special occasion pieces, they can get very pricey. During one shopping trip I scored this Kenneth Cole dress shirt for my son priced at $5.50. During another trip to Once Upon A Child, I found this lovely chiffon dress for my daughter priced at $7.50.


My final tips for planning your matching outfits.

  • Have a set color palette (2-4 colors including black or white)
  • Be flexible on the shade of each color
  • Match in pairs or groups if you have 4+ people
  • Plan far in advance so you have time to collect your items


Blog By: Jenny Nguyen | @jenny8carrots