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Out With the Old, In With the New

Out With the Old, In With the New

Posted by Javessa Stanton on Feb 20th 2024

It's time that my household does a toy rotation! Every month I like to gather toys that the kiddos no longer have interest in and rotate them for pre-loved toys from Once Upon A Child. When a holiday is around the corner, like Easter, I love to look for toys to add to their holiday gift baskets. When shopping for toys, I aim for natural toys made from wood. I find that they last longer and my kiddos seem to like them more than plastic toys.

Photo 5 - rotated.jpg

When I go shopping for toys, I like to look for discounts and low prices, since my kiddos lose interest in new toys quickly. The kids play through toys often, so we have a cycle of buying and selling toys at Once Upon A Child. I love how Once Upon A Child buys gently used toys and I can shop for new toys at the same time. They have a wide selection of toys, including light-up toys, music toys, wooden toys and more.

Photo 6.jpg

In my experience, the best part of the store is the toys section for my kids. Every time I make a trip to Once Upon A Child with my kids, the toy section is the first part they run to. I love seeing the pure joy on their faces when they get to choose a special toy!

Photo 1.jpg

In today’s thrift haul, I was able to find some small things for my 2-year-old daughter and my 5-year-old son in amazing condition. For my daughter, I was able to find this learning lookbook and a wooden box toy that she can roll balls down. For my son, I was able to find two dinosaurs and a wooden train for a total of $12!

Photo 2.jpg

While I was shopping for these toys, I also brought in toys my kids no longer used, which I was able to sell to Once Upon A Child. I felt very lucky because I ended up making $15 from the toys I sold. The toys I bought for my kids only added up to $12 so I went home with exciting new toys and more money than I went in with.

Blog By: Javessa Stanton | @javessastanton