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Spring into Sustainability

Spring into Sustainability

Posted by Jenny Nguyen on Apr 24th 2024

Hello! Happy spring! I have found so many cute items from Once Upon A Child lately. It’s a thrilling experience every time and there are so many reasons you should shop for used items.


Professionally, I’m a stylist, and many of my clients express concerns about non-ethical brands. I’m going to be completely honest about this. I find it so hard to avoid fast fashion and it’s difficult to find brands that are transparent, ethical and affordable. Thrifting eliminates any guilt or worries about supporting the wrong companies.


Shopping secondhand not only reduces the demand for clothing production, but also minimizes the amount of waste in landfills. By shopping at Once Upon A Child, you are giving unwanted items a second life. Many secondhand clothing items have already been worn and washed multiple times, which can help identify their durability.

april_3.pngWhile we try to shop sustainably, it's important to create a plan for our items after we're done with them. Personally, I resell my kids' clothes at Once Upon A Child. Anything they don't buy, I donate to our local center. You can also pass down your items to family and friends.


My favorite thing about shopping at Once Upon A Child is the unique finds. During my most recent shopping trip, I found this adorable purple dress. I love the scallop detailing. It’s from an exclusive collaboration that was released before I had kids. My daughter’s Christmas dress last year was also from an exclusive collaboration. You might remember it from my December blog post. I still can't believe I scored these pieces!

Blog By: Jenny Nguyen | @jenny8carrots