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Start the Year Sustainably

Start the Year Sustainably

Posted by Javessa Stanton on Jan 12th 2024

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I thought I’d start off by introducing myself. My name is Javessa Stanton and I’m from Halifax Nova Scotia. I’m a mama to two beautiful children. My son Rowan who is four and my daughter Raya who is two years old. My absolute favorite thing to do during my mom time is go thrifting. It’s honestly like therapy to me. Going down the aisle of clothes and getting to choose all the cute little outfits and toys for my kiddos is so fun. Plus it’s way cheaper and more sustainable than shopping at a department store.

Rowan 1.jpg

Since we are starting the new year, what better way to get a strong start than to get rid of some of our kid’s items that they no longer need? If your kids are like mine and are growing incredibly fast, you know that we end up getting rid of a lot of their stuff that no longer fits or they don’t use. We like to keep things sustainable in our household by recycling the kiddo’s gently used clothes, toys and other items at our local Once Upon A Child.

Raya 1.jpg

At Once Upon A Child you can easily sell and refresh your children’s wardrobe. Once Upon A Child allows you to sell gently used clothing along with toys, baby gear, children’s shoes, hats, jackets and more. I promise you will never walk out disappointed or break the bank to shop for your kids.

Rowan 2.jpg

Since we are starting out fresh in the New Year I wanted to share some cute pieces that I grabbed for the kids during my latest thrifting trip. Since we are still in the colder weather I wanted to focus on looking for knit sweaters and comfy cozy pants. For Rowan, I thrifted this beautiful neutral brown knit sweater with a pair of beige pants for only $14.

Raya 2.jpg

For Raya, I thrifted this beautiful neutral cream-colored sweater with a pair of ribbed beige pants for only $14 leaving me with a total of $28. This is such a great price considering I’d end up paying 10 times more at the mall or anywhere else. I’m all about sustainability and saving this year!

Blog By: Javessa Stanton | @javessastanton