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Sustainable Summer Adventures

Sustainable Summer Adventures

Posted by Javessa Stanton on Jul 13th 2023

Our summer road trips have finally begun. Every summer, my family and I love embarking on at least two road trips. This year, we decided to visit the valley and Moncton in New Brunswick. With that being said, there are numerous items and outfits to pack for each child. When shopping for our kids, I prefer to shop sustainably at our local Once Upon A Child. In our household, we always prioritize saving and making better shopping choices. Reusing clothing and other items is an excellent way to support the environment. Did you know that recycling clothing can save thousands of gallons of water and millions of barrels of oil? Once Upon A Child provides a quick and easy way for you to recycle your family's recently outgrown items, while finding anything and everything you need for your kiddos.

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When packing for two toddlers, it's important to consider pieces that suit the weather and that they can wear and enjoy during outdoor and indoor activities. I had my eye on a few pairs of shorts for my son, Rowan, and a couple of dresses for my daughter, Raya. In the end, I walked out with four pairs of shorts and four dresses. It was definitely a successful day, as always.

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For today's road trip, we decided to take the kids to the zoo — it was incredibly fun. Lions, bears, zebras, camels, goats and many more animals captivated us. My kiddos absolutely love getting down and messy with dirt, rocks, sticks and everything else you can imagine. At this zoo, there was a massive dirt mountain, and the kids got really dirty. However, it didn't bother me one bit, as I remembered I thrifted these pieces for them at amazing prices, and an easy wash will fix everything.

If you're like me and have an excess of belongings in your household, take the time to bag up what you don't need and kindly recycle them at your local Once Upon A Child. They are always buying gently used kids' stuff for all ages and stages.

Blog By: Javessa Stanton | @javessastanton